Awakening is the latest EP by Beware! Monsters. Musically taking inspiration from rock, electronica, drum and bass, metal and traditional hip-hop. The concepts are a deeper internal study of oneself, taking ideology from Buddhism, Zen, Japanese Mythology, and the internal struggles of procrastination, negative energies and the odd-but-complex human thought process, mixed in with some political satire. This is a theatrical journey of a monster’s mind awakening, trying to unplug itself from the matrix we know as the mundane.


All songs written and performed by Beware! Monsters. Recorded and Mixed by Paul Kendrick. Artwork by Kane Kong Illustrates.

Vocals by Jay Kane.
Guitar and programming by Paul Kendrick.
Bass and trombone by Sidge Rushton.
Drums by Oriol Sala


Release: B!M002

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